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Fitness Gear Recommendations

The Omron Pedometer is an inexpensive fitness product that will help you go the distance to your weight loss goal.  It accurately records how much you walk per day, so that you can make improvements that really add up. My successful weight loss clients who use a Pedometer say that by clipping one on and seeing how much they need to move really motivates them to stay on target.
People tend to "over do it" when they start an exercise program, which often leads to burn out. This little gadget helps you to know how much to do, so that you can be successful on your weight loss and fitness program. 

Having used several pedometers, this is the one that I like the most.
It has a 7-day memory; so you can look back and see your progress. It also records how much aerobic activity you do and keeps that in its memory too.
It works on your belt, in your pocket or even in your purse and remains accurate.
And I like that it resets itself to start at "0" everyday.

Getting started in the Gym

by leanbymarco copyright2006


In this issue lets look into the basics for weight training, because a stronger body will always burn more fat than a weaker body. It’s just like a car; a bigger engine burns more fuel than a smaller one. Not to say the you must get as big as a body builder, but by adding a little more definition onto your muscles you will gain the advantage of burning more fat and calories.

My favorite way to coach weight training is to teach simple principles that give a good understanding of what you are doing, so I use the “Push-pull” principle to get a my fitness clients started.
Click on "Printer friendly workout" in the menu bar and follow the routine from top to bottom at your gym. 

  Here's how you can do it. In the gym, find machines (or have a trainer help you find them) that allow you to push and pull in three different directions. Check out the illustrations on this page. For example: to exercise your chest, find a machine for pushing forward (like doing a push up). To exercise your mid back, pull back (like rowing). For your shoulders, push your arms up over your head. For your outer back, reach up and pull something down. For your thighs and buttocks, sit and push with your legs. For your hamstrings, pull (curl) back with your legs.
The push-pull principle is weight lifting simplified; you focus on the movement you want to do (push or pull), and then find a machine to do it in.
Depending on your current condition and goals, you can start off by doing two sets of fifteen repetitions of each push and pull movement Twice a week. It may also be a good idea to have a trainer show you the correct form on each of these exercises, and then you will be off to a good start.
The great thing is that this combination of  weight training along with cardio (tred mill or cycles)should only take about an hour, giving you a healthy return on your time investment.
(Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program and a qualified trainer supervise your training)

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